Download SinGLISH Typewriter (Unicode & Wijesekara)

New Singlish_Typewriter at Singlish - Sinhala Word Processor (New).msi to get Sinhala Unicode text for corresponding English letter combinations.



Writing Sinhalese

  • After following the above steps, you can use the Windows character map program to type in Sinhala. Remember to choose Kaputa.Com or Malithi or other Sinhala Unicode font you have installed, when you do this.


  • if you have Windows Vista, you already have the Sinahla Unicode Support on your PC

  • If you have Windows XP English Service Pack 2 or 3, install the Sinhala Enabling Pack for XP by clicking here and Service Pack 3 - Beta.

  • This has been developed by Microsoft and endorsed by the Sri Lankan government.

  • Read the instructions before you install it, Step by Step Guide can be found at the bottom of the page.

  • It lets you toggle seamlessly between typing English and Sinhala using the language button on the task bar. This is, by far, the best solution. It uses the standard Wijesekera layout.

  • You can type in Unicode just as easily as you do with any other Sinhala or English font.


  • If you don't have Windows XP SP2 but have an older version of Windows and Microsoft Office XP, you can download the Sinhala Pack for Office XP here. සිංහල යුනිකෝඩ් ඉන්ස්ටෝල් කිරීම

  • This lets you type Sinhala documents in MS Word. You can copy and paste what you write in Wikipedia. You will need to have your XP CD handy.


  • If you are using a version of Windows other than XP SP2, you can use the keyboard driver to type in Sinhala unicode.

  • It's a small background program that intercepts what you type and converts it to the Sinhala unicode format.

  • You can type in phonetics, Wijeysekara layout or Singlish (ea kiyanne mehema type karana eka) and the program will type it in Sinhala on any open window (MS Word etc).


  • If you are using Fedora 7 or later then it already has the required input methods, which can be installed using Applications->Add/Remove Software menu item. For other GNU/Linux distributions such as Debian or Ubuntu follow the instructions at the Sinhala GNU/Linux site


Simply type Sinhala using English letters (singlish).




Required additional plugging to run Singlish
Please click the following link to continue. Siglish

Sinhala Fonts and Font Converters

සිංහල අකුරු දිස්වීම තවත් අලංකාර කර ගැනීමට නම් මෙම උපදෙස් පිලිපදින්න

  1. ඔබේ ඩෙස්ක්ටොප් එක රයිට් ක්ලික් කර මෙනුවෙන් Properties තෝරන්න.

  2. එහි Appearence tab එකට ගොස් එහි Effects.. බට්න් එක ඔබන්න.

  3. දැන් මතුවන වින්ඩෝවේ Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts යන චෙක්බොක්ස් එක සිලෙක්ට් කර පහල ඇති ලැයිස්තුවෙන් ClearType තෝරන්න.

  4. දැන් වින්ඩෝ 2ම OK ඔබමින් වසා දමන්න.